My projects

Gotlands Nation

Website for one of the student "Nations" in Uppsala.

Fairly normal "CRUD application", but with more advanced features being worked on.
Dynamic event system where events and the recurring activities are shown (somewhat similar to nationsguiden) and an administrative tool for handling the housing queue are soon to be implemented.


Tech: PHP, Laravel, MySQL, Sass, jQuery, Vue.

Songbook app with API for ÅSU

Server backend written in Laravel to manage a songbook app for Android.

Users submit songs. Events can be created that contain certain songs.

RESTful API that the app speaks with to interact with the songbook.


Tech: PHP, Laravel, Redis, MySQL, Sass, JavaScript, Vue.js, Gulp, Browserify, AWS EC2

Åländska Studentföreningen i Uppsala

Simple website for a student organization in Uppsala.


Tech: PHP, Laravel, Sass, Gulp, Browserify, AWS EC2

Photography portfolio


Work in progress


Currently working on a portfolio website for a photographer.


Tech: PHP, Laravel, MySQL, Redis, Sass, Vue.js, jQuery, AWS S3, AWS CloudFront, AWS EC2.

Portrait of me

About me

Web developer in Uppsala, Sweden

I like PHP and work primarily in Laravel. My goal is to become a successful web developer. In addition to PHP I am proficient in general front-end web development.

This portfolio is still under development, it will be far more fleshed out soon enough!

[email protected]